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I hate that you know
what I need to hear because
it makes me need you.
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a red capped boy, lost
on a bare gear-driven street,
looks up to the sky

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I still expect to
See you getting off the bus
Even though you're gone

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Demons in my head
Screaming at me silently
Making me explode
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Written in response to [personal profile] subluxate's prompt 'Cats and sunshine' for today's 'Poem For Your Thoughts?' Day #3.


sun purrs on his fur
catches on idle dust motes -
buddha cat transcends


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intrepid atoms
longing for covalent bonds
molecular bliss

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Bright sunlight glowing
jewels of morning dew shine
foal's first steps on earth
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In Remembrance of Belle

Whiskers twitch in sleep
A golden paw stretches out
Batting at dream-birds

Gold eyes - unblinking
Silent, as secrets are poured
Into furry ears

Nestled at my side
Paws tucked and head bent in sleep
Her purrs still rumble

Paws on the laptop
Meowing face blocks the screen
It is time for Can.
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(no subject)

Clouded gray sky day-
A cold breeze blowing outside
I am warm inside
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Winter Approaches

Leaves break free and fly
Bare branches are left behind
They shiver, lonely
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Daily Commute

In crowded bodies
space: searching for syllables
takes away the time



The story's started,
Words fall silent in cyberland,
Unless you listen

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(no subject)

sometimes all you need
is seventeen syllables;
a snapshot of life